Wells Fargo Student Loans

Why the Need for Wells Fargo Student Loans?
One of the biggest changes that has come about in the past couple of decades has taken place in the job market. In today’s competitive job market¸ a college degree has become an absolute necessity even for most entry level jobs in nearly every industry. College costs however¸ continue to rise by five to six percent annually¸ and that¸ combined with an increased cost of living¸ job and pay cuts¸ and an ailing economy¸ make it quite hard for students and their parents to afford a college education. This is where Wells Fargo Student Loans come in.

What Types of Wells Fargo Student Loans are Offered?
The financial needs of students greatly vary based on the school and program they enroll in. In order to cater to the needs of as much students as possible¸ there are a number of Wells Fargo Student Loans on offer. These include Wells Fargo Collegiate Loans¸ Wells Fargo Student Loans for Career and Community Colleges¸ and Wells Fargo Education Connection Loans which provide additional funding to students who need extra money to cover their education expenses and have exhausted other options. Wells Fargo Student Loans are provided at annual percentage rates (APRs) of as low as 3.4 percent and cover the complete cost of education¸ or allow students to borrow varying amounts up to $25¸000 per school year. Students are not required to make payments until six months after graduating.

How do I Apply for Wells Fargo Student Loans?
Before applying for Wells Fargo Student Loans¸ it is important to have personal information handy. Getting a cosigner such as a parent or other family member can drastically lower the interest rate on a student loan. Once students fill out the online application for student loans¸ Wells Fargo verifies the information¸ requests for any additional documents if required¸ contacts the school to verify enrollment and then makes a loan decision. Once the application is approved¸ funds are transferred directly to the student or paid to the school on a student’s behalf in a matter of days.

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