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At a time when college education is becoming more expensive, students are increasingly leaning on loans to make college more affordable. However, the economy is also recovering from a slump, and hence repaying a loan is also becoming tough for fresh graduates, because the job market is still not at its peak. What then, can students do to attend college? One solution lies in education grants, particularly a type called discretionary grants, which we will discuss in this article.

What are discretionary grants?

Discretionary education grants are one type of scholarships awarded to students and even education institutes, in order to facilitate access to education. These grants are awarded through a competitive process requiring applicants to fill out forms and demonstrate distinction in their chosen field in order to win. A committee of judges reviews each candidate’s application individually, and then arrives at a decision based on certain predetermined criteria which are announced to the applicants.

What other types of education grants are there?

There are two types of grants other than the discretionary grant, named a formula grant or a student loan respectively. Both of these do not require any competition, however applications are still reviewed before being approved, and not everyone is approved. Formula grants are slightly tricky, and involve Congress deciding the amount to be allocated according to certain legislative requirements. Congress may award the grant to a body or institute within the government. However, along with the grant, is a document detailing the exact proportions in which the grant must be utilized. As a result, the body or educational institute does not have a say in the process.

Student loans are education grants that require financially strained individuals to fill out an application demonstrating their need and borrow an amount to pay for college expenses. They repay this amount upon graduation.

How do I get a discretionary grant?

The US Department of Education is a good place to start if you are looking for an educational grant. Their website contains a list of all institutes – private, semi-private, government or otherwise – who have set up scholarships or endowments to help students. Some grants are awarded purely on the basis of academic skills, while others take a candidate’s athletic ability into account. Different programs have different requirements, and you can follow these up in more detail through their respective links listed on the Department of Education’s website.

It is a good idea to start searching for grants as early as possible; the resources are limited, and being the early bird helps. Start by searching for any programs within your county, and expand the search to include national-level competitions. Naturally, these will be tougher because you compete against a larger pool, but the payoff is also equally good.

It is also recommended that you look into application details thoroughly, and ensure your paperwork is in order before setting off on the process.

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