Loan Application Checklist

Resources Checklist


  • Note application deadline on a calendar.
  • Order multiple copies of your transcript and your test score reports.
  • Prepare lists of activities and awards. Keep them in a safe place.
  • Make copies of the application before and after it’s completed.
  • Read the entire application prior to filling it out.
  • Type all parts of the application (especially if handwriting is poor).
  • Ask relevant people that you are in frequent contact with, such as teachers and community leaders, to write recommendations at least one month prior to deadline. Give them a resume detailing academic, extracurricular and personal achievements.
  • Make copies of recommendation letters when you receive them.
  • Send thank-you cards to all references.
  • Have your essay proofread by an English teacher and your parents, then revise.
  • Proofread your complete application at least twice before you mail it out.
  • As a final check, have a trusted competent friend proofread your complete application.
  • Create separate files for each school to which you apply.

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