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About Student of Color Scholarships

Student of Color Scholarships are specifically designed to ensure the progress of people of color – a
term that refers to Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, Pacific Islanders and Asians – into the mainstream
of higher education. Through these scholarship programs, a huge student population of Asians
Americans, African Americans, and American Indians are able to attend some of the finest colleges in
the nation.

Types of Student of Color Scholarships

Several institutes strive to provide need based or merit based scholarships to students that are expected
to make valuable contributions by serving the government, medical industry, arts and law. In the recent
years, Student of Color Scholarships programs such as the ”Black College Dollars program” by Sallie
Mae has enabled worthy students to obtain scholarships on the basis of career interest and academic
performance. Another program, Ron Brown Scholar Program, provides $40,000 to the eligible students
to pay for the college of their choice. Career specific student of color scholarships are provided under
programs such as Tylenol scholarships, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, Hispanic College Funds,
and UNCF•MERCK Science Research Scholarships and Fellowships.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criterion for each scholarship program varies considerably, however, most programs
require students to be enrolled in at least half-time degree program. For need based scholarships, the
applicants are required to demonstrate a financial need, while merit based scholarships can be attained
by maintaining a fine academic performance.

Benefits of Scholarships

Student of Color Scholarships help minority students cover all college costs ranging from basic tuition
fee to campus accommodation. Unlike loans, the amount awarded through scholarships does not have
to be repaid and students can concentrate on achieving their academic goals without any stress.

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